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7 Simple ways to reduce food waste this Christmas

Written by Jodie Berndt

Co-owner - Bokashi Ninja® In-kitchen Composting System. Her passion is to make Bokashi a common word in our vocabulary. To inspire and encourage us all to better manage our food waste in our homes.

October 10, 2022

Reducing food waste this festive season is easier than you think!

Let’s enjoy food, not waste it.

In Australia, we love food. But sometimes we order, cook or buy more than we need, especially during the festive season. This leads to food wastage that ends up in landfill. Approximately 40% of our average household bin is food waste.

Where does food waste go?

The Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $36.6 billion each year. 7.6 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill, enough to fill 15,900 Olympic-sized swimming pools. One in five shopping bags ends up in the bin = approx. $4,000 worth of groceries per household each year. We can do better! During this time of gifting and feasting, larger than-normal amounts of food are often wasted. Here are our tips to help you reduce food wastage.

TIP #1. Prepare just enough

Plan your meals, make a shopping list and check it twice. Buy only what you need. Cater for 10-15% less than the number of expected guests. Determine the amount to be cooked with the diners’ appetites and eating habits in mind.

TIP #2. Give with thought

Avoid highly perishable items. Choose food gifts that you know the recipient would enjoy.

TIP #3. Go small

Provide smaller plates for guests to encourage smaller portions, reducing the amount left on plates. This is great for the waste line too as you tend not to eat as excessively.

TIP #4. Make chips crispy again

Keep open packets of nuts and chips in the fridge so they last longer. Chips and nuts that have turned soft can be made crispy again after baking for a few minutes.

TIP #5. Freeze your leftovers in small portions

Divide leftovers into small portions and pack them into airtight containers before freezing them.

TIP #6. Give away excess food from your meals or from hampers

Pack any excess food for your guests, friends or neighbours. Consider sharing or donating excess non-perishables.

Organisations such as Food Bank, Secondbite and Ozharvest only tend to take donations from larger businesses, however, look up your local charities and see if they will accept food donations. It’s a great way to prevent food wastage and help the needy at the same time.

TIP #7. Compost your food waste

Anything that is left over at the end of the day can by conveniently placed in the Bokashi in-kitchen composter to turn into fermented compost matter and nutrient rich fertiliser for your plants and garden. The perfect gift for our Mother Earth!

Gifting to our Mother Earth this Christmas

Let’s be less wasteful this Christmas. 47% of the average household bin is organic waste. Most of that waste can break down naturally in a household compost bin and be turned into a rich and valuable resource for your garden. Consider all the savings that go along with composting – save money, reduce single-use plastic bin bags, reduce trips to the bin, and reduce tonnes of food waste ending up in our landfill.

Choosing to action any or all of the above waste-reducing-tips will be a beautiful gift for our Mother Earth this festive season.

Take a look at the easy and convenient Bokashi Ninja® in-kitchen composting system. Our Ultimate Eco Kit is the ideal gift fo the eco-conscious person this festive season

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