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8 ways to turn your children into happy eco warriors

Written by Jodie Berndt

Co-owner - Bokashi Ninja® In-kitchen Composting System. Her passion is to make Bokashi a common word in our vocabulary. To inspire and encourage us all to better manage our food waste in our homes.

October 29, 2021

Here are 8 quick tips to bring out the ‘eco warrior’ in your kids at home

Bokashi Ninja is all for teaching kids the importance of sustainable living at home, so it becomes an everyday part of their life. What we do now affects the health of our planet into the future and our kids play a huge role, just as we do.

Here are some simple eco ninja tips from the Bokashi Ninja tribe to inspire everyday planet-saving habits with your children while at home.

TIP #1. Choose toys to keep

Have your children go through their toy box and wardrobe and empty out what they don’t play with anymore. Have them choose what toys and clothes they will pass on to a child less fortunate than them. This is especially a great thing to do before a child’s birthday and Christmas.

TIP #2. Waste less food

Eat smaller amounts. Food waste going to landfill is the second largest contributor of methane gas in our atmosphere. Food that is leftover, put in the Bokashi Ninja, a worm farm, or compost bin to return back into nature as nutrient-rich compost. Give children the responsibility of popping the food waste in the compost.

TIP #3. Get out in the garden

Encourage children to help in the garden, especially a little herb garden or veggie patch in the backyard. Give them their own plants or veggies to look after, water, fertilise and watch grow. We all receive a little joy when we grow our own veggies.

TIP #4. Drop (recycled paper) flyers for bottles locally

Encourage your children to drop a flyer in their neighbours’ letterbox and collect all the recycled bottles in the street once a week. It’s a way they can make money or even more special would be to have them choose a local wildlife charity that they can donate the money to.

TIP #5. Don’t litter

Teach your children not to litter! If they see rubbish on the ground, and they are supervised and it’s ok, encourage them to pick it up and put it in the rubbish bin. Rubbish left on the ground can lead to disaster for our wildlife and marine life. There is not such thing as ‘AWAY’, when you throw something away, it must go somewhere. The biggest lesson we can teach our children is not to waste in the first place.

TIP #6. Say no to plastic straws

Get kids to say no to plastic straws.

TIP #7. Make it their job to take care of the composting

Give the kids the job each weekend to empty the Bokashi and water the plants.

TIP #8. Teach kids 2nd hand

Instead of throwing things away, always ask what stuff could you use it for. Clothes never go in the rubbish bin, they go to someone who is in need. Show your kids how second-hand goods are better, ie bikes, so you’re not manufacturing more that will end up in landfill.

Happy tipping!

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