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Ultimate Eco Kit – Bokashi Compost Bin with BONUS Spray, Accessories and Produce Bags

$90.00 inc. GST

The Ultimate Eco Kit reduces single-use plastic bags and helps you save the planet. All you need to create an eco-friendly kitchen in your home.

Ultimate Eco Kit includes:


  • 1 x Large 20 litre Bokashi Ninja® compost bin, grate, tap and airtight lid in stylish charcoal and light beige to complement any kitchen
  • Our bokashi buckets include a small amount of EM ceramic making it more efficient and aids in preventing stains and nasty odours
  • BONUS – 1 x Bokashi Ninja® 500ml Accelerant Spray – lasts approximately 3 months
  • BONUS – 1 x masher and cup
  • BONUS – 1 x Set of 5 rPET mesh produce bags with carry pouch
  • Easy to use ‘How to’ guide
  • NO assembly required
  • FREE social and email support

Bucket Dimensions: 410mm H x 310mm W x 300mm D

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Brent Fannin
Ultimate eco kit

I am a big fan of bokashi and felt the need to buy extra kits to share with clients and friends. Such an easy way to compost, and with great instructions inside the kit everyone that I gifted one to is enjoying being more conscious about there food waste🌿🪱💚

Jacqueline Campbell

Have been using this composting method for over a year and find it excellent. I live in a townhouse and don’t have garden space so find this an easy way to compost organic waste. My plants and the environment love it. So glad I saw your stand at the Logan open day.

Preeya P
Excellent product and value for money after the council rebate

I am so very happy with reducing food waste by reusing scraps as fertilizer juice and composting in the vege patches. It has given me inspiration to already create 3 vege patches and I hope the juice does show improvement in the quality of the crops. Thanks for this! I am also teaching my kid about all these things, knowledge of reducing waste is a great focus on the future. I wish there was more advertising from councils to use the $70 rebate in households by purchasing Bokashi Ninja packs - net of $20 after the rebate is so good for budgets. That needs improvement - improvement of communication flows to residents.


After having a garden and compost system, I hated wasting food scraps in my new small unit. I heard about the Bokashi Ninja and bought one immediately. It’s clean and simple to use, and my new balcony garden is thriving. At the same time, I bought a second unit which will be a present for a family member. Wonderful outcome all round.

We love our Bokashi!

As a family of 5, we were needing an answer to our huge food waste with 3 young kids. It feels so good to be able to now utilise our food waste and put it back into our garden. The Bokashi composting system is easy to use, odour free and I love that we can use our ‘Bokashi juice’ on our plants and veggie garden. Once full, our food scraps are simply placed in our outside compost bin but they can also be buried in the garden. I can’t recommend this product enough. The quality is fantastic. We purchased two buckets, and this works well for our household. We fill one whilst letting the other one ferment. This is a new way of life for us - no more food waste, nourishing our garden and reducing landfill.

“Hands down the biggest change my family has made towards zero waste. And it’s so easy!”

Christine B. – Mudjimba

Great for the planet

Easy to use

No nasty odours or flies

Great for plants/garden

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