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Double Kit – Bokashi Compost Bins with BONUS Spray

$169.00 inc. GST

This is the optimum Bokashi Ninja® compost bin starter kit.

It is ideal to let your bokashi bucket sit for 2 weeks once full, so it fully ferments. Therefore, you can start filling your second bucket straight away with no downtime.

Double Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 x Large 20 litre Bokashi Ninja® compost bins, grates, taps and airtight lids in stylish charcoal and light beige to compliment any kitchen
  • Our bokashi buckets include a small amount of EM ceramic making it more efficient and aids in preventing stains and nasty odours
  • BONUS – 1 x Bokashi Ninja® 500ml Accelerant Spray – lasts approximately 3 months
  • Easy to use ‘How to’ guide
  • NO assembly required
  • FREE social and email support

Bucket Dimensions: 410mm H x 310mm W x 300mm D

Sold out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good service

Our initial shipment had a crack in one of the Bokashi bin lids. After we notified the vendor they kindly shipped a replacement free of charge.

Bernadette Isaac
Double Kit - Bokashi Compost Bins with Bonus Spray

This is an excellent product. So easy to manage.

Tony Heidrich

So far so good, nearly filled my first bokashi!!!!

Judith Kroll
Bokashi Bins

Very glad I bought the 2 bins. First one filled & busily fermenting while we fill the second. Very happy with my purchase.

Cherryl Johnson
Happy Bokashi

I bought my double Bokashi a month ago and it is working wonderfully well for me. I have lots of house plants, large pots, a veggie garden and 2 compost bins so I am using the liquid everyday and when my bin is full I can put into my compost bin to complete the process.
I also bought a double kit for my daughter-in-law as we exchange ideas with regards to being environmentally friendly.
It won’t take long for my double kit will pay for itself in liquid fertiliser!!!
Cheers Cherryl

“Hands down the biggest change my family has made towards zero waste. And it’s so easy!”

Christine B. – Mudjimba

Great for the planet

Easy to use

No nasty odours or flies

Great for plants/garden

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