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Why is composting so awesome for the planet?

Written by Jodie Berndt

Co-owner - Bokashi Ninja® In-kitchen Composting System. Her passion is to make Bokashi a common word in our vocabulary. To inspire and encourage us all to better manage our food waste in our homes.

April 1, 2020

Discover why 1000’s of eco ninjas are loving the benefits of bokashi

Phrases like ‘climate crisis’ and ‘climate change’ are all over our media, we can’t escape it, but the real question we find ourselves asking is, “What can I do about it”?

I used to think, well, I’m one person, I can’t make a big difference, but let me tell you, when I learnt about the damage our food waste makes to the environment and discovered the real benefits of putting my food waste back into my soil, I knew that making the change to better manage my food waste was the answer.

By composting we can:

REDUCE single-use plastic bin bags and save $’s, the planet and our marine life

REDUCE the volume of waste we send to landfill. Food waste rotting in landfill creates nasty methane gas, which is 3 times more toxic than car fumes, and is the largest individual contributor to our climate crisis.

RETURN the nutrient-rich fermented goodness from our Bokashi Ninja® back into the soil and plants to make them stronger, more resilient and healthier, as nature intended.

Did you know that our biosphere, the thin layer on our earth where life exists, is such an important part of our existence on this planet.

Why is it so important to start composting now?

The energy we need and the protein we need to build our bodies comes from the living organisms in the biosphere. The organisms on the earth use our waste carbon dioxide to make the oxygen we need to breathe.

Our fragile biosphere is diminishing rapidly due to:

  • Increased population on earth – more and more toxic food waste is going to landfill in plastic bags to rot and leach methane gas into our atmosphere.
  • 5 million tonnes of food waste goes to landfill each year in Australia alone!
  • More and more artificial pesticides and fertilisers are being pumped into our farmland soil
  • We are not returning enough waste (CO2 filled organic toxins) back into the soil to keep it strong as nature intended

    What can we do? It’s simple – we can compost!

    Whether it’s outdoor composting, worm farm or bokashi in-kitchen composting, or a combination, as individuals we can all make a difference to our planet by returning our household food waste to the soil. And it’s easier than you think!


    The changes we make with Bokashi Ninja®

    IMPROVE our soil structure at home by burying our fermented matter in the ground, or putting in an outdoor compost bin to rebuild our soil structure to hold the correct amount of moisture, nutrients and air.

    CREATE our own natural, nutrient-rich fertiliser (bokashi juice) at home so our plants and garden can grow strong, healthy and resilient.

    REDUCE our single plastic bin bag use and toxic food waste going to landfill.

    By joining the Bokashi Ninja® tribe, together, we will be doing our small part to look after this precious planet we call home. Are you with us?

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