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4 Pack 500ml Bokashi Accelerant Spray

$24.00 inc. GST

All natural Bokashi Ninja® Accelerant Spray.

Our 500ml Accelerant Spray will last you approximately 3 months.

It slashes through odours and quickens the composting process by fermenting food waste directly in your Bokashi Ninja® bucket. It is the most important part of the bokashi composting process.

How to use: Place food scraps in the Bokashi Ninja® Bucket and compact food waste to aid in the anaerobic process. Spray the Bokashi Ninja® Accelerant Spray (3-5 sprays) over organic material (once per day of use).

Ingredients: Dynamic fermented fruit extracts, naturally occurring micro-organisms, lactobacillus, yeast probiotics and antioxidants.


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“Hands down the biggest change my family has made towards zero waste. And it’s so easy!”

Christine B. – Mudjimba

Great for the planet

Easy to use

No nasty odours or flies

Great for plants/garden

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