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Single Kit

For those with less space and less waste


  • 1 x Large 20 litre Bokashi Ninja bucket, grate, tap and airtight lid in stylish charcoal and light beige to compliment any kitchen
  • 1 x Bokashi Ninja 500ml Accelerant Spray – lasts approximately 3 months
  • Easy to use ‘How to’ guide
  • NO assembly required
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Bokashi Ninja® kit features

Bokashi Bucket:


Airtight Lid

This is very important. Ensures the anaerobic process.
Stops nasty odours and flies


Large 20 litre capacity with strong handle


Designed for every kitchen

Appeasing colour pallete to suit any kitchen


EM Ceramic Coating

Our buckets include a small percentage of EM Ceramic to enhance the fementing process. This also stops stains and any odours etching into the bucket and makes it a breeze to clean by simply rinsing in water


Made from recycled materials


Drainage tap

Easy access bokashi juice drainage tap



Essential to bokashi

Using the accelerant spray is the most important part of the bokashi process. Without it your food will simply rot as it would in a normal bin


All natural ingredients

Dynamic fermented fruit extracts, naturally occurring micro-organisms, lactobacillus, yeast probiotics and antioxidants.


Fast acting

Quickens the composting process by fermenting food waste 


Made in Australia



Easy to store and has a long shelf life. Each 500ml bottle lasts approx 3 months use – 5 sprays each time you add food waste to your Bokashi Ninja® bucket

Great for the planet

Easy to use

No nasty odours or flies

Great for plants/garden

Say goodbye to smelly bins and hello to a happy planet, plants and garden

happy bokashi ninja® tribe members

What our customers say

I have had my Bokashi Ninja since March 2019. I find it just great. So easy to use, the juice that comes from the bucket is so good on the garden, the plants love it. The buckets look great in my kitchen. I have an apartment with a great storage spot. Saves me many trips to the bin.

Noel B - Twin Waters

I live in an apartment and I was looking for a way to stop having to empty my smelly bin every day. Bokashi Ninja was the answer! It’s so easy, I can put most of my food scraps in it and my plants and herbs on my balcony just love the natural fertiliser it makes. Thank you Bokashi Ninja.

Rhonda P - Coolum Beach

We’ve had our Bokashi Ninja for 3 months now and absolutely love it. It really does make a massive difference in reducing food scraps destined for landfill. It’s great being able to use the ‘Ninja juice’ on our garden and we love knowing that this composting system is not only good for our veggies but also for the planet!

Trish P - Cooroy

I love my Bokashi Ninja. I live on acreage and have an outdoor compost bin but it was just too hard! I bought the Bokashi and it’s just so easy to do. Add the kitchen scraps, spray with the accelerant and put the airtight lid on – that’s it! The Bokashi juice fertiliser is great too, after 6 weeks my plants look amazing and have lots of healthy vibrant green shoots.

Dianne W - Beerwah

I love my Bokashi Ninja! It has been one of the easiest things to change in my life to help create better waste.

Astra R - Venus Bay

My plants just love their weekly dose of Bokashi Juice!

Sheila D - Gold Coast

We have had our Bokahshi Ninja for 3 months now. Absolutely love it. We are now putting an almost empty bin out on bin day. And it produces what we call liquid Gold. We have stopped buying fertiliser for our flowers and fruit from the store. The flowers have never bloomed so much and plants look healthier. Have used the left over to put it in the ground in two places in our garden so far and plants around it love it. Everyone should have this.

Kaiyan A

I’d been looking around for something to do my part for the planet for a while and when I heard about the Bokashi, I said “this is it! I love it”

Pam K - Mt Coolum

I love our Bokashi Ninja! Only two weeks in and we are already making heaps of natural fertiliser for our plants and garden.

Jaimee B - Forest Lake

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