Double Bokashi Bucket Starter Kit

$180.00 inc. GST

This is the optimum Bokashi Ninja composter starter kit.

It is ideal to let your Bokashi bucket sit for 2 weeks once full, so it fully ferments. Therefore, you can start filling your second bucket straight away with no downtime.

Double Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 x Large 20 litre Bokashi Ninja buckets, grates, taps and airtight lids in stylish charcoal and light beige to compliment any kitchen
  • Our bokashi buckets include a small amount of EM ceramic making it more efficient and aids in preventing stains and nasty odours
  • 1 x masher
  • 1 x clear 250ml measure cup
  • 1 x Bokashi Ninja 500ml Accelerant Spray – lasts approximately 3 months
  • Easy to use ‘How to’ guide
  • NO assembly required
  • FREE social and email support

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